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Below is a list of documents we need to qualify you for a mortgage. Use the link below to upload them into our system.

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We know the list can look a bit daunting. Every lender in America will need the following documentation. It is good to get it together now and get a jump start on it so that you are not scrambling to get it later.

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list. Based on your unique situation we may need additional documents.


  • ID: We need a clear picture of your government issued photo ID.
    • Front and Back.
    • Drivers License or State Issued ID.
  • Pay Stubs: We need 30 days of Consecutive paycheck stubs.
    • If you are paid bi-weekly we will need the last 3 pay stubs.
    • If you are paid 2 times a month (the 1st and 15th) then we need the last two pay stubs.
    • If you are paid once a month then we need only one pay stub.
  • W-2: We need the last two years of all W-2s.
  • Bank Statements: We need 2 months of your personal bank statements for checking and savings with all pages.
    • Last two months’ complete bank statements with all numbered pages (even blank pages) for all checking, savings,
    • Please make sure that your full name, name of the institution and account number are on the statements.
  • Tax Returns: We need the last two years’ of your complete tax returns with all pages.

Under Contract:

If you are under contract right now or as soon as you are we will need the following.

  • Signed disclosure packet: We are going to send you loan disclosures. It is important that you sign these and get them back to us as quickly as possible. You are signing that you received the loan disclosures.
  • Your Purchase Contract: We need a copy of your Purchase Agreement, counter-proposals and amendments.
  • Inspection Resolution form: Some times the home inspection can bring up small issues with a property that the sellers are willing to fix. If they are they will sign an Inspection Resolution Agreement. We will need a copy of this.
  • Earnest Money: We need to show proof that you paid some kind of earnest money. We will need a copy of the earnest money check and proof funds have cleared the bank (this is a copy of your bank statement that shows the check cleared).
  • Home Owner Insurance: You need to contact your home owner insurance company and get a policy that is effective the day of closing. We will need a copy of this policy.
  • Appraisal: We need payment information to order your appraisal. To keep cost down and save you on interest rate we charge the borrowers for the appraisal when the appraisal is ordered. This amount is paid to the appraiser and is credited to you at closing.

We will need the following if it applies to you:

  • Down Payment Assistance: We need proof of you completing your home owner education course.
    • We will send you a link to the online class you need to take.
  • Gift from Family: gift letter from grantee (We will provide a letter template and additional instructions).
  • Investment and Retirement Accounts: We need to account for your assets if we want to include them
    • We need 2 months worth of statements from your investments and retirement accounts.
    • If you receive quarterly or annual statements then we just need the most recent one.
  • Self-employed: last two years complete personal and business tax returns with all schedules, YTD P&L statement
  • Renting: We might need to prove that you are making your rent payments on time.
    • Contact information for your property management company or 12 months cancelled checks if renting from a private party.
  • Taxes Not Filed: If your previous years’ taxes have not been filed yet we need a copy of your extension.
  • Recent Graduate / School: If you are newly working, less then 2 years of work history in the field that you graduated college/ tech school from we can use your education as employment history. We will need your diploma showing graduation date.
  • Legally Separated: We have to prove what you are legally responsible to pay for.
    • We need the full copy of your separation agreement.
  • Divorced: We have to prove what you are legally responsible to pay for.
    • We need the full copy of your divorce decrees and associated amendments.
  • Bankruptcy: There are specific rules to what we can and can not do with customers which have a bankruptcy.
    • We need the complete discharge papers with list of creditors.
  • Own any Real Estate: We need to show what your cash flow is from all of the real estate you own.
    • Current leases,
    • Current mortgage statements,
    • Last tax bills
    • Insurance declaration page from property insurance provider.
  • Sold a Home Within the Last 90 Days: We need the copy of your Final Closing Disclosure from sale.

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